Thursday, August 14, 2008

another reduction in post frequency

Things are starting to pick up as the school year begins, and rather than lapse into an unpredictable and erratic posting schedule (viz., I was working so late yesterday that I forgot to post here), I'm going to go to twice weekly updates on Monday and Thursday. So the next new post will be Monday 8/18.

Thanks to all those who are reading and commenting.


Alex Remington said...

I object to this reduction in post frequency, and am currently hard at work composing a furious flame post that I will denounce you with on several of the internet's most prestigious bulletin boards.

Ryan Denzer-King said...

Lol, thanks Alex. Clearly I jumped the gun in claiming it would allow me to stick to a regular posting schedule, since I haven't updated this week. I'm hoping once I get these two abstracts finished today I'll be able to put something up.